37,000 men will be diagnosed with a male-specific cancer this year; each man a husband, father, son, brother, grandfather and friend. Orchid exists to save men's lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through pioneering research and promoting awareness. Orchid plays a leading role in the fight against male cancer through research and awareness and by supporting patients.

  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men aged 15-45; each year around 2,000 young men are diagnosed and face the emotional and physical trauma of fighting this disease.
  • Prostate cancer is now the biggest cancer threat to men in the UK with over 35,000 cases diagnosed each year; sadly one man dies every hour from this disease.
  • Cancer of the penis is thankfully very rare in Europe. It is most often diagnosed in men over the age of 60. There are about 360 cases in the UK every year and sadly one in four patients does not survive.
For more information on our work please visit www.orchid-cancer.org.uk.

About Orchid Cancer

Formed in 1996 by former testicular cancer patient, Colin Osborne, Orchid is the only UK registered cancer charity to focus entirely on the male-specific cancers; prostate, penile and testicular. We offer support and information to people affected by or interested in male cancer through a dedicated medical research programme, education and awareness campaigns and a range of support services.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with a male cancer, are a family member seeking more information or a healthcare professional looking to run an information session, Orchid is here to help.

Orchid's Pioneering, World-Class Research Programme

Orchid funds clinical and scientific medical research to ensure a better quality of life for all men affected by male specific cancers. We aim to ensure the best treatments are available to all men by making the results of our research widely accessible to enable treatment with minimum side effects.

Our research programme has identified new ways to treat male cancers and improved our understanding of how these cancers behave. Since Orchid was founded in 1996, we have invested over £6 million in exceptional projects that are reviewed and approved by an eminent independent Scientific Advisory Board. Orchid's integrated research consists of three collaborative groups working on four tightly focussed programmes of research:

i) molecular biology and cancer genetics, (the genetic mechanisms and development of cells)
ii) histopathology (the study of tissue appearance involved in cancer)
iii) cancer epidemiology (the study of risk factors involved in cancer development) and
iv) clinical trials (to improve treatment).

How collaborative, integrated research makes a difference

The Orchid-funded research teams have pioneered a unique way of working collaboratively which has since become a standard way of working in cancer research. This integrated and translational approach to tackling cancer helps to ensure that discoveries in the lab are translated to patient care in the hospital as swiftly possible.

St Bartholomew's Hospital

Orchid's researchers are based at St Bartholomew's Hospital ensuring that discoveries made in the lab are swiftly translated into patient care. Orchid's clinicians and scientists collaborate closely with major UK and international cancer charities and organisations including: Cancer Research UK, Medical Research Council, National Cancer Research Institute, Guys, University College Hospital and Cambridge University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, the Cleveland Clinic, Secondary Military Medical University, China and Zhejiang University Medical College, China.

Awareness and Campaigns

Male Cancer Awareness Week      Male Cancer Checked Out      Know Your Balls

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